Our tips for a comfortable home

Run your heat pump in either heating or

cooling mode, not auto.

  • If your heat pump is on auto, you may notice cool air when you only want warm air.

Set the temperature to a comfortable temperature somewhere in the range of 20 degrees to 22 degrees.
  • Your room is not necessarily going to warm up faster by setting it to 30 degrees

Only run the heat pump when you need it.
  • You could use the timer function to programme it to come on 30 minutes before you want to use the room.

If there is too much breeze, try reducing your fan speed before making any adjustments to diffusers or dampers.
  • You may wish to programme your system to start operating an hour before you get home.

If the weather is cool and you are using a single split heat pump to heat a large space, or have doors open to share the warmth, you may notice a cool draft. .
  • Try closing doors and turning your heat pump on a little bit earlier to help the room warm up.

It takes a significant amount of energy to reduce/increase the overall temperature of your whole home.
  • If your home gets very hot in the summer, close your window treatments to reduce solar gain and close spaces you don’t wish to control.
  • Allow the system enough time to reduce the temperature.

Your heat pump only operates in one mode at a time.
  • If you have one ducted system, you cannot heat one room and cool another. ie. If you want to cool and upstairs area, while heating a downstairs area, you will need two separate systems.

For those with ducted systems in humid areas; To reduce the chance of condensation forming on your grilles, try to keep the humidity down in your home by running your system on cooling mode at a reasonable temperature such as 22 degrees.
  • By setting the system to a low temperature  (ie 16 degrees) and pumping cold air into a warm environment you increase the differential between the air in your home and the heat pump and encourage condensation on the grilles.